Coolant expansion tank?


Hey guys , can I purchase a new coolant bottle anywhere , our current one is full of holes and has been patched with copper and solder on the underside ,

Second hand or a replacement from a different vehicle maby ?


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Is your coolant bottle in metal or plastik?



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Hi, "patched with copper and solder" sounds like you have the early metal version. This seems to be specific for the Ro 80. I could not find it in the club shop. You may ask nevertheless, if this is available. 


The (later) plastic version often has been damaged by sunlight shining on it through the gap between hood and fender. Porsche 924 had the same (or similar) bottle (german; "Ausgleichsbehälter"). These are sometimes available used or new (in the us).


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Hello Matt!

Even if the coolant expansion tank (old version in brass) is currently not available in the club shop, the tanks are very common and many of the comrades have some of them with their spare parts.


Post a search under Search and Offer!


Otherwise try it with a locksmith or a plumber, for such a craftsman it should be no problem to repair the container with hard solder (or soft solder for high temperatures) and brass sheet. With soft solder you should even be able to do it yourself!


As an indication of which solder is suitable for this, you can look into this table:

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Hi Matt

I can offer you a new one in metal ! 

Please send me an email !


Es muß nicht alles original sein !