After 10 years Stilllegung - car will not start...




After 10 years storage in a deep parking garage I wanted to start the car and move it to new premises. However, almost as expected - it will not start.


Before the car was "eingemottet" I drove the car for 5 years and 30.000 km so I do have some experience with start problems.


Also, reading posts in this forum makes it clear that NUMEROUS defects can be the cause of the start problem.


The problem is the same as experienced by many other Ro80 owners during the years: By attempts to start the only result is wett spark plugs.


As I have no access to spare parts or repairs, I am looking for a simple solution to start the car so it can be driven out of the garage.


In this context I remember an old advise: some Ro80 owners have "special" spark plugs that will in most cases start the engine but can only be used for a few minutes until the engine is getting warm.


My question: What are these spark plugs?


Hope someone can help.


Best regards from Denmark,


Bild von Andreas Bertsch

Hy Bo

looking for the "Contact breaker" in the distributor, there is shure a oxydation on the contacts


Regards Andreas

Dear Bo,

using 100 octane gasoline may be worth a try.

Good luck!


Best wishes from Heidelberg,