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I am searching for a new or owerhauled vacum pump for RO80 -76.

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Anders Nilsson 
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Hi Anders, did you already try to just replace the membrane? This is quite easy and usually sufficient to insure it working...


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Ralf schrieb:
... to just replace the membrane ... quite easy 

... and described in 'Tipps Tricks', items 1-15 through 1-17.





Original ist schön, man muß es aber nicht übertreiben


Christian von Klösterlein

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Could the unit stay at the engine and the membrane can be changed from outsider?

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Yes, Anders. Just remove the upper part of the housing, exchange membrane and assemble housing again.

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And secure the central bolt with Loctite, as described in the workshop manual,

Best regards, Pieter

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Dear all, membrane changed and works perfect. Easy to solve, thanks all !